Disclaimer: I am a little nervous sharing this video and blog, first it’s a little long, also I don’t want people to think I’m bragging or showing off. But this week I made one of our family goals a reality by firing my boss and to be home full time with my babies.  My goal for posting this is to INSPIRE. There are so many people not happy with their situation or don’t know how to make their dreams a reality. But I did and I can show you how you can do the same. Like I said it is a little long but so worth to watch to see what I found that would allow me to stay home with my babies and replace a $70K a year career. Watch to the end to see exactly how my income increased.

This week I FIRED MY BOSS. I actually did it on my 34th birthday, July 29th 2013, I fired my boss so that I can be home with my babies. I have a 2 year old and baby boy on the way in November. You probably wonder why I would quit my day job with a growing family. Well I am able to do this because of the Beachbody Coaching opportunity. This opportunity has provided me with enough financial independence and stability that I can be home with my babies.

A little background on me. When I originally signed up as a coach it was just for the discounts. I was just in love with the products and was on my own weight loss journey and the 25% discount was to good to pass up. But as my body and attitude started changing, people notice and wanting to know how i did it. So i started SHARING what was working for me which at the time was Insanity, P90X and Shakeology. Then I realized that being a coach is not about selling workouts or supplements its about sharing your story and helping others. So I started paying attention to what other coaches were achieving by doing just that and they were making a really good income.

But even then i still didn’t think this could be something I could do full time or even something I wanted to do full time.  I loved what i did and the company I currently worked for, it was my career that i worked at for so many years.  At my current company I worked there for 7 years. It was great company to work for and it provided everything i needed at the time. It was 40+ hour a week job and sometimes you would need to work late night or weekends to meet deadlines. Not the most ideal for raising kids. But the first 5 years I didn’t mind i wasn’t married and had no children and they paid me great.

Then I got married and we started talking about having kids. We didn’t want our kids to go to daycare or raised by babysitters. Our dream was I would stay home with our future kids but didn’t know how we could see that dream become a reality with our current situation. I made the bigger salary and just didn’t makes sense for me to stay home.

One day I was watching some videos in my coach office and i realized I’m sitting on an opportunity to make our dream a reality. I was seeing other coaches making this a full time career. Not only were these awesome people firing their bossed they were even helping their spouses do the same thing.  I know it was going to take  some work but it was something that could be achieved. I knew I could leave my corporate job where i made over 70k year full time and stay home and raise my family with no regrets. I got pregnant Sept 2010 and knew if I wanted to stay home I would need to kick it in high gear to make our dream a reality.  This meant the I need to helped more people make their dreams a reality. AND I STARTED TO GET ADDICTED TO THAT FEELING. The feeling of knowing you helped someone is AMAZING. I started to realized that as much as I love my current career it was love because I was good at it. I HAD PASSION for being a coach. And all I wanted to do was become better. After I had Kaiya i able to return to work part time and i didn’t have to miss spending time with her or miss creating amazing memories. This year I got to point that I was making more helping others reach their goals part time than if I was full time with my developer career. I got pregnant again in March and we knew it was time to take the leap. My heart was at home with my babies and my coaching career.

This month I am celebrating my 4 year anniversary when I first signed up as a coach. It has been amazing journey and I have meet some amazing people and my team, Team Motivate is amazing. In the 4 years I have been able to give myself over 1200% raise. There is no job that you can get that type of raise, and especially not in 4 years. I going to share my income, this is not to brag or show off  but to show you what can be accomplished in this business working full time and being a busy mom. It took me less than 4 years to get here and I want to let you know its something that YOU CAN DO TOO. You can be your own boss, set your own hours and have more time for the things you love. If this inspires just one person to change their life like this has changed mine, I will be excited. Not only did it help us make our dream a reality, I know being a coach has help me be better wife and mom. AND just happier person all together.

So what’s next? To help tons more families lead healthier lives. To equip them with the knowledge and tools to make healthier choices for them and their families. And to share this opportunity with others so they can make their dreams a reality and have more time for what they love.


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